By Tom S.


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This review is from: Due Diligence (Kindle Edition)

It helps to be from Miami. The University of Miami once housed the CIA as thousands of Cubans fought Castro from the University’s South Campus. Suspense oozes up from the sidewalks in Miami. Odors of delicious garlic-laced food and pungent flowers hang in the air. Things happen here. They are called “Miami Moments”. And they happen much like it does to the characters in Due Diligence experience. Alex, the main character, gets recruited at UM by CIA. Lots of students actually did. Owen Parr is a skillful observer of political world events and the wretched psyche of the Castro Bros. He understands how people with unfettered power, unchallenged by law, can visit tragedy and pain on those who disagree. Few people know that Castro, a world class criminal, personally ran the Dirección de Inteligencia, He ran it viciously. Owen Parr must know this, because Alex, the main character weaves in and out of the web the Castros have created for their various venal and devastating strategies. Due Diligence is a suspense-filled movie in your mind. Parr rolls the film, controls the color and sound exquisitely; he teases you, he jolts you with action and takes you up and down the roller coaster. Cuban men LOVE their women and — well– it is pretty obvious that Parr is a Cuban man. And, of course Julia and Paris and Chicago and Miami Beach and Havana swirl around the stage set, painted and lighted by Parr. Does Alex’s beloved Julia survive the action? How could she? Who or what is “Chico and Gang”? To find out— do your own “Due Diligence”.