A cadre of FBI and DOJ agents are conducting an investigation of the newly elected president of the United States in Washington, D.C., for suspected ties to the Russian government. A presumed Russian spy is found tortured and shot in the face in his high-rise condominium in South Beach, Florida.

You won’t be able to put this book down until the very end.

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Incredibly, the perpetrators of the gruesome murder correctly copied the manner in which the victim was killed, as described in best-selling author, Jack Ryder’s last novel.

Jack is a forty-year-old divorcee, and a Wall Street retired financial analyst turned crime mystery writer. His new lifestyle does not include; – alarm clocks, suits, or ties – living carefree aboard a forty-four-foot yacht with his beagle – Max, enjoying the peace of South Beach, and the clubs and ladies that abound the area.Logan Robert, former Army Special Forces and now homicide detective for the Miami Beach Police Department, gives Jack a choice; either be under suspicion for the murder or help solve this crime. But, there’s a condition; -because of the Feds hovering around the MBPD station like flies on molasses, waiting to see what the MBPD uncovers; -the murder investigation must be conducted from Jack’s boat, the Easy Ryder, docked at the Miami Beach Marina, while a bogus parallel investigation continues from the police station for the benefit of the Feds.

Jack wants no part of this. However, his choice of being embroiled in a murder inquiry with the Feds or helping solve the crime, especially one in which he feels plagiarized and violated, makes the decision obvious.

Multi Award Winning author and master storyteller, Owen Parr, has a new hit series; Jack Ryder, Logan Robert Crime Mysteries. The case of the Dead Russian Spy, is book one in the novella series.