Twenty Jihadist terrorist are about to be smuggled into the US via Mexican drug cartel tunnels in Brownsville, Texas. Retired CIA operative, John Powers, now employed by a private intelligence firm, uncovers a conspiracy between the Chinese government and a worldwide cabal of elitist, to take down the US government thru a series of terror attacks, cyber-attacks, nationwide blackouts, and a crash of the US stock market.

You won’t be able to put this book down until you find out how it ends.

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Ricocheting around the world from China to Cuba to Mexico and drug cartel tunnels, CIA Gulfstream jets and Wall Street, Operation Black Swan tells the explosively plausible tale of the grim possibilities for financial terror inherent in the light speed transactions of stock market buying and selling—and how only a Delta Force sniper with the nickname of “The Hulk” and his Alpha Team stand between a strong and independent American homeland and subservience to a dominant Chinese state.