In post-9/11 United States, a former CIA operative, and his longtime love Julia have finally settled into domestic bliss—or so they think. While Alex runs Sect-Intel group from the comfort of the same Chicago skyscraper where his fiancé works at an investment banking firm, his undercover team—John “The Hulk” Powers and three of his best and brightest—are on the ground in Mexico City, surveilling a suspicious meeting of Cuban and Chinese officials.

You won’t be able to put this book down until the end.

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They discover a sect of Islamic terrorists who’ve been training in Cuba are about to board a Chinese shipping container loaded with explosives. The goal: to infiltrate Texas posing as Mexican immigrants. Worse news: the organization manning the shipping delivery has a history of kidnapping American hostages and demanding a ransom of $1 million a pop.

While Powers heads for the border, Alex is busy sniffing out the second part of Operation Black Swan: a planned flash crash of the US markets designed to give America one final blow. Meanwhile, Julia heads to Mexico City on unrelated business—only to fall into a trap of one of the Cuban militants calling the shots. And his age-old grievances against both Julia and Alex run deep.
It’s not long before all plots meld suspiciously into one, and Alex, John Powers, and the team must race against the clock to thwart international terrorism, counter cyberattack and espionage, and track down their kidnapped loved ones—before the unthinkable happens.

“One of the best mystery books I’ve read, this year.”