A student athlete is murdered at a univeristy in Miami. The leads lead Mancuso and Team to uncover a potential crime syndicate taking advantage of female students and undocumented young girls.

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When the cheers of victory turn into the screams of innocence, Joey Mancuso, a relentless investigator, steps onto the darkened playing field where sports, crime, and justice collide.

“In the Shadows of the Game” follows the gripping tale of Randy Goldstein, a talented student athlete accused of a brutal murder that shakes the foundations of a prestigious university in Miami, Florida. As the investigation unfolds, Joey Mancuso and his team discover a sinister underbelly: a crime syndicate exploiting female student athletes for explicit videos and orchestrating a clandestine network involving illegal young females forced into prostitution.

Caught in the web of deception, Randy’s defense attorney seeks Mancuso’s help to uncover the truth. As the stakes rise, the investigators navigate a dangerous landscape where the pursuit of justice leads to a string of mysterious murders designed to conceal the illicit activities of the syndicate. Racing against time, Mancuso must untangle the threads connecting the murders, the accused athlete, and the criminal organization that thrives in the shadows of the seemingly idyllic campus.

With each revelation, Mancuso and his team expose the twisted motives behind the crimes, shedding light on a world where the pursuit of athletic excellence becomes a breeding ground for exploitation. As the trial unfolds, the protagonists must confront not only the legal challenges but also the moral dilemma of confronting a crime syndicate powerful enough to manipulate the very fabric of the university.

“In the Shadows of the Game” explores the darkest corners of ambition, crime, and power, where the playing field is no longer limited to the sports arena. Will justice prevail, or will the shadows continue to cast their ominous presence over the lives of the innocent?

If you love novels by John Grisham, James Patterson, and Harlan Coben, “In the Shadows of the Game” by Owen Parr, will be an uncovered treasure.

This is Parr’s 12th entry in the Award-Winning series of Joey Mancuso and Father O’Brian and guaranteed to be another winner and best-selling novel.