This succinct and to the point self-help book can change your life. Applying the principles and techniques discussed in this powerful “How-To’ book can inspire you to a bigger success in sales or the start of a new “unemployment proof” career in sales.

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  • Never be unemployed.
  • You too can join the ranks of the millions of successful people.
  • Don’t cap your income by just a job. Uncap your earnings and potential; assure the security of your family, by joining the millions of sales professional.
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  1. How to overcome fear of rejection.
  2. How to be persistent, without being a pain in the you know what.
  3. The four different types of time & how to manage them.
  4. How to add value to your sales relationships.
  5. The difference between clients and customers.
  6. How to set short and long-term goals that work.
  7. How to motivate yourself without relying on others.
  8. How to promote yourself.
  9. How to spot customer wants and needs.
  10. How to develop conviction and enthusiasm for your product(s) and service(s).
  11. When to stop selling and start closing.
  12. How to prepare the “elevator pitch.”
  13. How to plan your work and work your plan.

“I’m in sales and is based on salary we keep getting promises of commission but never happens I’ve made sales of up to 2ml this book made me realize I can do better somewhere else. Would recommend this book to everyone that is stuck not making ends meet and can do much better if they can sell. I chose the book because I liked the title.”