A Legal Thriller —

Too many leads, too few breaks, and only ten days to go in the trial of the year…

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Book 2 of the Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery series is available now. Print, eBook, and audiobook format.

Too many leads, too few breaks, and only ten days to go in the trial of the year…

Things are finally turning around at Captain O’Brian’s Pub and Cigar Bar, an oddball location for a PI office, but the kind of warm, buzzy scene every mystery reader loves. After first getting fired, then earning a glowing reputation in his first high-profile case as a PI, ex-NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso’s back on the crime scene with his half-brother and Brooklyn’s favorite man of the cloth, Father Dominic O’Brian.

The brothers have gotten into a good rhythm at their makeshift (but delightfully colorful) Financial District office, and two job offers have come in.But then comes the sort of case Joey loves…the difficult kind.

Just in time for Christmas, a wealthy real estate developer named Harold Longworth is on trial for the murder of his wife in the bedroom of their Long Island mansion, and the Manhattan elite are glued to their seats.The odds are stacked steeply against the developer. It seems he called 911 twenty whole minutes after discovering his wife’s body, was found covered in her blood, and his prints were on the murder weapon.

Things are looking pretty grim when his team asks Joey to investigate the case, but better when he discovers that Mrs. Longworth’s personal and professional lives were a sticky web of secrets and lies, populated by a rogues’ gallery of jealous lovers and corporate conspirators.

Then, just as the pressure mounts, his soulmate, FBI Special Agent Marcy Martinez suffers an accident on the job. His attention now splintered, he’s got only ten days to solve the case. Father Dom’s prayers might not be enough this time. Divine intervention might be more in order!

There;s something here something for everyone: Think Matt Scudder meets Father Brown. Fans of both New York PI novels and clerical mysteries, will love this offbeat detective team.

Here’s an excerpt from this legal thriller.

“…The prosecutors have the gun, the murder weapon, the GSR, and his bloody prints on the weapon. Her blood all over him. No other witnesses in the home, at the time of the shooting,” defense attorney, Pearson paused.

The senior partner, Adams added, “Frankly, we have very little chance of succeeding. All we have are character witnesses in his defense.”

I motioned to Dom, and he asked. “What can we possibly do at this stage?”

“We need you to find the real murderer,” Adams replied, looking straight into Dom’s eyes.

I turned to Father Dom, “That’s a big ask, Mr. Adams. And you said you had ten days?”

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Audiobook: A Murder on Long Island by Owen Parr (Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki)
Maybe Better Than The First Book
5 out of 5 stars

The Boys are back for another murder mystery. This time they only have 10 days until the accused murderer’s trial is set to begin. Fortunately for Joey Mancuso and Father O’Brien they are up to the challenge. Everything appers to be stacked against their client, but Mancuso has a hunch that he didn’t do it. Now he has to prove it before the wrong person is sentenced for a crime that he did not commit.

This was a helluva book. I love Parr’s writing style, especially for this series. Father and Joey are the perfect dycotomy and provide a great back and forth. Sprinkle in Joey’s girlfriend and the bartender at the bar that they own and you’ve got a great cast of characters.

The way that Mancuso goes into a crime scene is very reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes (which he happens to quote a fair bit). And I love it. He just looks at things with such a different point of view that you really feel like you’re there with him as he is setting up his retelling of a crime.

I didn’t have any issues at all with this book and I thought it was a flawless piece of “whodoneit”/murder mystery with the added bonus of having the court case attached to it.

The first part of the book was all about trying to find out who did it. But the second part (which I wasn’t expecting) was all about the trial. As a reader, I got to witness the trial firsthand and listen to all of the ways that the investigation that Mancuso and O’Brien helped with the examination and cross examination of everyone.

I blew through this story. I couldn’t put it down. I ended up staying up late one night and then getting up early to finish it. I think it took me 2 days to listen to this beginning to end. I couldn’t wait to get out of work to listen to more of it. Parr is up there with one of my favorite Mystery/Thriller authors. And I hope that there are many more Joey Mancuso and Father O’Brien stories in store for us.

Also, the addition of more back-story/more inner lookings into Mancuso were really appreciated in this book. It made him even more human. He has flaws, and he gets scared. He’s deathly afraid of losing his girlfriend/fiance throughout and you really feel for him by the end of the book. When an author can get real emotion like that out of a reader, I would say that’s a pretty awesome book.

Book Description:

Audiobook: A Murder on Long Island by Owen Parr (Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki) five-stars
A Murder on Long Island (A Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery #2) by Owen Parr
Narrator: Stefan Rudnicki
Length: 7 hrs and 7 mins
Series: Joey Mancuso & Father O’Brien #2
Published by Skyboat Media on September 12th 2017
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 358
Format: Audiobook


Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

A Murder on Long Island: A Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery by Owen Parr is the second entry in a series with interesting characters to follow, featuring sleuths, mystery, and murder. Harold Longworth could get a life sentence for the murder of his wife and, if indeed he never committed the murder, there is very little time in which to prove it. In fact, very few days! But the odds are stacked against him because every available piece of evidence indicates he might have killed his wife out of jealousy or because of her alleged intention to divorce him. The murder weapon bears his fingerprints and there is just so much to incriminate him. But did he really kill his wife? It is time for former NYPD Detective Giuseppe Mancuso and his half-brother, Father Dominic O’Brian, to prove his innocence.

Owen Parr has created a story with an intricate plot, laced with red herrings and surprising turns. It’s hard not to like the sleuths and their unconventional methods of conducting an investigation. The cast of characters is compelling and readers will enjoy watching closely to find out what happens to both the characters and the story. Apart from the wonderful storytelling skills, the author demonstrates great mastery in the art of creating biting suspense, of excellent prose, and the ability to stir strong emotions in readers. The writing is crisp and it brilliantly captures the emotional and psychological depth of the characters, featuring great dialogues and vivid descriptions. A Murder on Long Island: A Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery is a real page-turner, a delightful read for fans of sleuths, mysteries, and thrillers.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Detective Joey Mancuso For The Defense!

By Tom Spencer on June 28, 2017

Take your mind out for a ride for a few hours! I love detective mysteries and private detective Joey Mancuso is at the top of my list. With his Priest Brother, Dom, the duo walk into a hopeless murder case already wrongly prepped for trial. Is it malpractice or malice or something even more sinister? Six or so sub-novels twist and turn, like giant waves roaring in and receding from Homicide HQ. And just when you have it easily figured out, the author, Owen Parr, rips the solution out from under you and sends you tumbling with Joey down another exciting, rubble-strewn path. This book has it all. Great courtroom drama accurately laid out. Law enforcement intrigue wrapped in romance. Exploration of human behavior with all its shocking possibilities. Facts yanked like root canals from witnesses trapped by brilliant lawyers—- and by Joey. Most courtrooms have signs above the Judge which say: “We Who Labor Here Seek Only Truth.” As Joey might say: “yeah, right.” And as Father Dom might say:” better call Joey.”

5.0 out of 5 stars great characters great setting

By Kenny Treger on May 28, 2017

Loved both of the Joey Mancuso books. the characters are great. the settings are great. the storyline is fun and I hope Joey has some more
Nero Wolfe stuff in him. i went back and looked at the john powers series. read a review by bree1969 and because of this review, i bought the
book immediately. i will not so patiently wait for the next book. thanks for writing it!

5.0 out of 5 stars

As a Long Islander, and murder mystery fan, I loved this book!

By Kathy Reader on June 22, 2017

Murder, money, mayhem, all the necessary ingredients are here. Joey Mancuso, ex NYPD detective and his half-brother, Fr. Dominic, are back, unearthing the who, and why to a murder of a Long Island socialite. In the meantime, Joey’s girlfriend, who he really loves, is injured in an aborted hijacking, and gives him the cold shoulder for most of the book. I really hope they get back together in the next book. Commuting back and forth from their cigar bar near Wall Street, and the murder scene in Sagaponack, Long Island, plus to see Marci in the hospital, the brothers do a lot of traveling, while they solve this murder. Excellent read, very enjoyable and it will keep you up at night reading it.

5.0 out of 5 stars

New York and Mystery at its BEST.

By Gerald Darnell on July 11, 2017

I love New York…a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. However, I do enjoy reading about it, and the offering by Author Owen Parr in ‘A Murder on Long Island’ was definitely not disappointing. His unique knowledge of the city, along with the wonderfully described fictional settings are the perfect backdrop for a delightful story along with a unique murder mystery drama.
Author Parr’s well developed characters of Joey Mancuso, ex NYPD detective and his half-brother Father Dominic, tackle the murder of a Long Island socialite – whose husband has been charged with the crime. Clues seem to be everywhere, but then they turn out to not be clues at all.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the interaction of characters and a mystery that has the reader guessing right up until the end.
Wonder what Author Owen Parr plans next for Joey Mancuco and Father Dom? I can’t wait!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Another hit for Owen Parr!

By Roxie on July 12, 2017 Review by Sue Bartlett

Owen Parr has another hit with A Murder on Long Island! The unusual setting provides a great backdrop for this mystery. Joey Mancuso and his half-brother, Father Dominic, co- own the Pub and Cigar bar in the Financial District of New York. Joey Mancuso, an ex-NY detective, is known as a victim advocate, and is hired at the last minute to prove a man’s innocence. He and Father Dom work tirelessly together to uncover secrets and lies to save the man from prison.
Working against the clock, they are relentless in trying to solve the murder of a Long Island socialite, and with only ten days to unravel a terribly bungled case, they uncover clue after clue, as they try to prove the husband’s innocence. The characters are larger than life, and the romance and humor add to enjoyment of this book. Million dollar foundations, money laundering, IRS and fraudulent tax schemes, add to the motive. Was is money or jealously? I completely enjoyed this book, the characters and interaction, and it kept my interest until the very last page. Waiting for the next book by Owen Parr!

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

By Areli Mayoron July 28, 2017

Can’t wait till the next one.