One of the editorial reviewers correctly noticed that in The Murder of Paolo Mancuso, my latest Joey Mancuso crime mystery novel, there are three stories in one. Good pick up on his part. One of the stories deals with a series of murders on South Carolinas’ Daufuskie Island. While visiting with family in Hilton Head in the winter of 2018 for New Year’s, we took a day trip to Daufuskie Island. 
The island is small, and most everyone has a golf cart. At the same time, it appeared to me that the inhabitants were a microcosm of the US, – all levels of social statuses. From guarded private entry communities to small shacks occupied by the local Geeches, -descendants of African-Americans from Georgia and Florida dating back to the late 1800’s.  While there we ate at an outdoor burger place alongside a group of well-dressed teenagers sporting spiffy golf carts, obviously sons of the top echelon of the island. In the novel, these fellows became the Boys from The Citadel, better known as The Arrogant’s. I’m sure unfairly to them, but that’s how my mind works. Sorry guys, nothing personal. By the way, you’ll enjoy a little history lesson about the 1800’s and the conflicts between the Spaniards, British and Indian tribes of the time, as new settlements were taking hold in the south.

The second story in the book, which I tie into the above, is the actual search for those responsible in killing Joey’s father, – Paolo. This part of the story is a carryover from previous books in the series, which Joey has spoken about, but unable to solve after twenty-years of the murder being a cold-case in NYC. A stop in Barcelona, Spain and Morocco, will add to the scenery in the book.

Finally, Joey Mancuso comes to grip some demons from his past. He takes an inner-directed analysis of what drives him and if he’s running from or to something. A little clue, – his Dad’s history as a member of one of NY’s mafia families, had quite an effect on young Joey when at the age of sixteen, he witnessed his Dad’s murder.

I think this is one of my best novels and I know you will enjoy reading it.