Two murder mysteries that will test your inner detective…

From married to single…From Wall Street to South Beach…From financial analyst to author of crime mysteries and now reluctantly to crime investigator. Jack Ryder is one of a kind. Living aboard a 54 foot yacht with his beagle Max at the Miami Beach Marina, Jack is about to become a consultant to the Miami Beach Police, but not by choice.
In novella #1 of 2, The Case of the Dead Russian Spy, Jack gets involved in solving a murder of what seems to be a copy cat killer of one of his novels. It turns out the victim could be a Russian Spy involved with the US government and the Russians. Either he helps the MBPD or he becomes their number 1 suspect.

In novella #2, what started as a cruise with his new buddy Miami Police Detective Logan Robert and two lady friends, turns into a whodunit aboard the cruise. On the first night of the Cruise to Nowhere, billionaire and family patriarch Gustav Inglenorth is found dead in his cabin, stabbed three times. This was supposed to be a private family cruise on the maiden voyage of The Majestic, a luxurious private yacht. Mr. Inglenorth was to reveal the content and distribution of the family trust to fifteen members of the family traveling aboard the yacht. Without a doubt, one of his family members is the murderer.

Forced to take refuge from a hurricane in the Port of Havana, Jack Ryder and Logan Robert must find the killer, among the fifteen members of the family, before the Cuban authorities interfere in their investigation and hold the family indefinitely.
Jack is a forty-year-old divorcee, and retired Wall Street Financial Analyst recently turned crime mystery writer. His new lifestyle does not include; – alarm clocks, suits, or ties – living carefree aboard a forty-four-foot yacht with his beagle – Max, enjoying life in Miami’s South Beach, the clubs and ladies that abound the area. His keen eye for detail in writing crime mysteries has made him an invaluable consultant to the Miami Beach Police Major Crimes Division.
Logan Robert, former Army Special Forces and now homicide detective for the Miami Beach Police Department, has relied on Jack’s deduction abilities to solve murder cases.

Readers of Agatha Christie and Arthur Donan Coyle all truly enjoy these novellas.