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Joey Mancuso is so entertaining

I can’t wait to start Book 5. Joey & Father Don’s antics are so entertaining and I find myself laughing out loud at some of the quips and come backs. I have enjoyed the first 4 episodes so much.

5 stars on Amazon

Fantastic author and great read

I love this series the crime the mystery keeping you from putting the book down I couldn’t wait to find out the next move I love the characters their personalities and the way everything came together at the end I really wanted to skip to that last page if you like that edge of your seat experience you need to read this series and once you get started your hooked and I can’t wait for the next one.

5 stars on Amazon

As good a read as can be!

Good, believable characters with an exceptionally complex plot. Moved with a quick pace from the first page. Looking forward to the next book.

-Gary G. Robinson
5 stars on Amazon

Another Great Mancuso Adventure

Such a fun read with lots of twists and turns. Almost two books in one!!! Can’t wait to read the next installment.

-Sandra Sheldon
5 stars on Amazon

Another Outstanding Mystery

A Murder on Long Island: A Joey Mancuso and Father O’Bien Crime Mysteries Book Two by Owen Parr was another outstanding, well-plotted, complex mystery I could not put down. Parr’s characters are honest, believable, and very human. I didn’t see the ending coming, as far as murderer and Joey’s romantic entanglement.
I am off to start Book Three.

–Book Lover 222
5 stars on Amazon

Another Clever Mystery

Sad to see in vivid detail what most focus know already. The homeless are a forgotten segment of society. Leave it to Owen Parr to combine this sad population with the avarice of too much of society in general. Glad to see Marcie join the group full time and so sad to see Uncle Pat go, even though it was his decision and his retirement. I am an avid fan on the Joey Mancuso mysteries. May he continue to find new cases for years to come.

-Carolyn Sullivan
5 stars on Amazon

Loved it!

I loved this book. The twists, turns and action kept you guessing until the end.

-Elizabeth Helm
5 stars on Amazon

I have never enjoyed a series as much…

Hi Owen,

I am kind of new to novels and detective series. My wife suggested that I read the Joey Mancuso series. I have never enjoyed a series as much as the above. I am totally smitten.

I just wish I had a smidgeon of the talent that you have. If I were writing about some of the interesting things that have happened to me during a forty five year real estate career, I would certainly copy your style. It might make it a little more exciting.

Please keep up the great work and if you are ever in Vermont, lets have lunch.

–Dale B.

really fun book from a new, upcoming author

This book was easy to read, moved very fast, kept me guessing, and had a good feel to it. You can visualize the scenes without thousands of words to describe the settings.

–K. Shane May
5 stars on Amazon

These books were absolutely amazing

Hello Owen. Thank you so much for the brilliant Mancuso and Father O’Brien series. I was on a reading spree and these books were absolutely amazing.
I wish you the best and success in all your future endeavors!
—A fan from India.
Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

–Manu M.

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