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I have never enjoyed a series as much…

Hi Owen,

I am kind of new to novels and detective series. My wife suggested that I read the Joey Mancuso series. I have never enjoyed a series as much as the above. I am totally smitten.

I just wish I had a smidgeon of the talent that you have. If I were writing about some of the interesting things that have happened to me during a forty five year real estate career, I would certainly copy your style. It might make it a little more exciting.

Please keep up the great work and if you are ever in Vermont, lets have lunch.

–Dale B.

These books were absolutely amazing

Hello Owen. Thank you so much for the brilliant Mancuso and Father O’Brien series. I was on a reading spree and these books were absolutely amazing.
I wish you the best and success in all your future endeavors!
—A fan from India.
Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

–Manu M.

Keep up the great work

Just finished The Islamorada Murders. Great work, a good read.
I am retired a sergeant NYPD, I supervised in both the Missing Persons Squad and Internal Affairs. Currently I conduct Private Investigator work here in NYC.
You have done your NYPD research. Your description of the woman who answered the door with beer in hand and cigarette in mouth was direct. I have spoken to many ladies dressed that way for the interview. The story of the soda on the car dashboard nosedive was true to life. I once had a hot chocolate soak my jacket. Keep up the great work.

–John F.

By far one of the best sets of books

Mr. Parr,
I have never written to an author but your Mancuso series is by far one of the best sets of books I have ever read. The only one I had a minor issue with was the one where you telegraphed the killer (that suave FBI agent) but if that is my only complaint over 10 books then you must be doing something right. Keep up the amazing work and do hope a book 11 is coming. Thanks for listening


Had me guessing the whole way through

I just finished your 7th book in the Joey Mancuso Father O’Brien set. Loved all of them and will be checking for more. Your books are so easy to read, so interesting and the 7th book had me guessing the whole way through. I was sad to come to the end of the story. I enjoy that the narrative is by different characters, not just Joey. So entertaining. Keep on writing, and I will keep on reading! During our Canadian very cold winters there is a lot of time to read! Thanks for the entertainment!

–Marlene H.

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