Book 2 of the Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery series is available now. Print and eBook format.

Here’s an excerpt from the book.

“…The prosecutors have the gun, the murder weapon, the GSR, and his bloody prints on the weapon. Her blood all over him. No other witnesses in the home, at the time of the shooting,” defense attorney, Pearson paused.

The senior partner, Adams added, “Frankly, we have very little chance of succeeding. All we have are character witnesses in his defense.”

I motioned to Dom, and he asked. “What can we possibly do at this stage?”

“We need you to find the real murderer,” Adams replied, looking straight into Dom’s eyes.

I turned to Father Dom, “That’s a big ask, Mr. Adams. And you said you had ten days?”

Mr. Harold Longworth was facing a first-degree felony murder charge if found guilty of killing his wife. Both Dom, and I, had followed this case in the papers and local news, and from the looks of it, Longworth was as good as done. That by itself got my attention. My methodology in solving cases while at the NYPD homicide desk, was always to look beyond the obvious, beyond the expected. In my book, what was, is not necessarily what is. The newspaper reporters, the television pundits, and the law enforcement personnel that had publicly rendered an opinion on this case, all mentioned the same, the apparent. Perhaps this case had been as simple to solve as that, but my curiosity as soon as I got the call peeked, and I was anxious to meet Mr. Longworth.”

Brian’s Blog Says:

Joey Mancuso used to be a cop.  He was forced off of the force due to some good police work that had him barking up the wrong tree.  Now he helps run a bar that is frequented by Wall Street money men while trying to get a PI firm off the ground.  He is joined by his half-brother Father O’Brian.  And believe it or not, the combination of an ex-cop and a priest make for some awesome detective and PI work.

The AudioBookReviewer Says:

A trio of unlikely crime solvers come together to solve the suicide of a customer.  Oddly, this customer had everything to live for and even more to die for!  Joey Mancuso, ex-NYPD with unusual methods; Marcy, FBI agent and drop dead gorgeous girlfriend of Mancuso; and, Father Dominic, Mancuso’s brother and co-owner of the Captain O’Brian’s Irish Pub.   Suspicious of their friends and client’s death, the three begin their investigation into the seamy underworld of Wall Street finances. Is there a correlation between losing money and death?  That is what Joey, Dominic, and Marcy want to know.The book was a solidly written mystery with strong dialog and detailed descriptions.  The characters were fully developed.  At the end, Joey Mancuso makes the grand announcement exposing the murderer which felt reminiscent of Columbo or Ellery Queen.  The story flow was smooth and flawless.

5.0 out of 5 stars Detective Joey Mancuso For The Defense !
By Tom Spencer on June 28, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Take your mind out for a ride for a few hours ! I love detective mysteries and private detective Joey Mancuso is at the top of my list. With his Priest Brother, Dom, the duo walk into a hopeless murder case already wrongly prepped for trial. Is it malpractice or malice or something even more sinister ? Six or so sub-novels twist and turn , like giant waves roaring in and receding from Homicide HQ. And just when you have it easily figured out, the author, Owen Parr, rips the solution out from under you and sends you tumbling with Joey down another exciting, rubble-strewn path. This book has it all. Great courtroom drama accurately laid out. Law enforcement intrigue wrapped in romance. Exploration of human behavior with all its shocking possibilities. Facts yanked like root canals from witnesses trapped by brilliant lawyers—- and by Joey. Most courtrooms have signs above the Judge which say: “We Who Labor Here Seek Only Truth.” As Joey might say: “ yeah, right.” And as Father Dom might say:” better call Joey.”