The Case of the Antiquities Collector


The Case of the Antiquities Collector book blurb

When Gavi Drucker, the daughter of multi-millionaire socialite Aaron Drucker, is abducted from her dorm at the University of Miami, retired NYPD homicide detective Joey Mancuso and his half-brother, Father Dominic O’Brian, are hired to find her. Afraid the young woman has been kidnapped for ransom, or worse, might be sold into the lucrative sex-slave market, the two New York City private detectives soon uncover clues that indicate this is more than just a simple abduction.

Before long, the two brothers’ search for Gavi crosses paths with the FBI, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security, who are investigating the black-market sale of rare antiquities and aren’t happy with the brothers’ interference.   Is Gavi’s father—whose top-tier accounting firm caters to a worldwide clientele who will do anything to keep their financial dealings private—somehow involved?  Is the terrorist group ISIS?  The more clues they uncover, the more danger they find themselves in.  Because those involved will do anything to keep their secrets safe, including kill.

Joey Mancuso is back in the fourth book of the Mancuso & O’Brian Crime Mystery series and more determined than ever to live up to his moniker as The Last Advocate of the Victim as he investigates crime with his usual Sherlock Holmes style in this fast-paced, taut thriller, where what you see isn’t always as it seems.

Multi Award Winning Author — Owen Parr, continues to entertain his readers with another fast-paced crime mystery suspense novel. Owen’s creativity and the manner in which he weaves the plot, allows the readers to be part of the story by identifying with the characters and becoming themselves sleuths, attempting to uncover the clues and solve the crimes. Adding a side of romance and humor makes Owen’s novels an enjoyable experience for crime mystery aficionados.

In a statement, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said:

“The art world must acknowledge that stolen antiquities are not simply collectible commercial property, but evidence of cultural crimes committed around the world. These important historical relics must be treated with caution and care, and galleries, auction houses, museums, and individual collectors must be willing to conduct proper due diligence to ensure that an item has not been unlawfully acquired.”          Colin Moynihan, New York Times – October 11, 2017

Ancient sumerian stone carving with cuneiform scripting



I was enjoying the early morning privacy of our pub, savoring the aroma and taste of a cortadito, my morning Padrón Robusto, and the New York Post.  I got a text late last night from Ruth Goldstein, a partner at Bevans and Associates, a criminal law firm my investigative firm works for. It read: “Joey, I’ll call you in the a.m. We have a client whose daughter has been abducted in Miami. Need your immediate attention.” …